North Miami Wind Mitigation Inspection

North Miami  Home Inspections is dedicated to helping our neighbors in the area save as much money as they can. Our staff are homeowners just like everyone else, and know about the financial strains that come along with owning a home. Having one of our certified professionals come inspect your home for wind mitigation features is one of the fastest and easiest ways to save money off of your monthly homeowners insurance premiums. Having one of these done is a guarantee that you will save some money.

Why are discounts guaranteed for a home in North Miami , Florida? A Florida legislation was passed that made it a requirement for insurance companies to give discounts to anybody who had adequate wind mitigation features installed onto their homes. If these homes met standards set by Florida Building Code, the insurance companies will credit your account with the related discounts. The discounts are valid for the next five years. Once the five years are up another wind mitigation inspection will be required to continue to receive these discounts. What most insurance companies are looking for is the shape of the roof, the roof to wall connections, roof sheathing, roof nail patterns, roof coverings, and more.

Why are these discounts offered? This is in an effort to promote safer homes. By having wind mitigation features on your home, you are reducing the likelihood of massive damage done to your home after a windstorm event happens. When an insurance company is liable for the damage of thousands of homes because of windstorm damage, this means a major loss in finances for the company. By reducing the likelihood of massive damage done to your home caused by windstorms, you are saving the insurance companies thousands of dollars every year. This gives them the opportunity and the resources to offer you discounts. When you save them money, they save you money.

  • Wind Mitigation

    Save $$$$

    Insurance companies are required by law to give significant discounts for wind mitigation features. Don't miss out on these huge savings.


    It's no secret that homeowners insurance monthly premium prices have skyrocketed over the years with the recent influx of windstorm events. Because of this, it is making it harder to afford the daily cost of living. There is a way to make it easier on you. By having a North Miami Home Inspections Professional perform a Wind Mitigation Inspection on your home, you can save up to 45% off of your homeowners insurance premiums.


  • Four Point Inspection

    Older home?

    Homes older than 25 years are at higher risk for failure than newer homes, which makes it harder to get insurance policies. Prove to your insurance company your home is worth their investment.


    Keeping up with the appearances of your home is an important aspect of home owning, but many fail to realize the importance of keeping the inner aspects in good shape as well. Your roof, electrical, HVAC and plumbing systems healthy is vital to the longevity of your home. Without either of the systems, the basic functions of a home will stop. North Miami Home Inspections is here to help you with your Four Point Inspection needs, whether it is just for personal knowledge or for insurance company purposes.

  • Roof Inspection

    No house without a roof: Did you know that roof issues are the gateway to a number of in home problems? It is better to detect these issues early before they become huge financial losses.



    Having a thorough investigation of your roof can help you prevent a plethora of problems that stem from a neglected roof. Unfortunately, many of these problems can be overlooked by the untrained eye. The professionals at North Miami  Home Inspections are trained to diagnose and detect any potential problems that many tend to think as normal every day occurrences. This thorough investigation of the roof will look for problems with missing shingles, soft spots, moisture spots, and more.

  • Full Home Inspection

    Peace of mind: Before you buy a home, you should always make sure you know every detail about the home. A Full Home Inspection will tell you everything you need to know about the home.



    Before you buy a home, it is always recommended to have a Full Home Inspection done by a certified professional. Having one done will help you detect potential problems before you invest into a home that needs more money invested than just the initial deposit. Don't judge a house by just its covering, make sure the inner systems are in working order or else you will find yourself regretting all the time and money you've invested into the process.